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I have spent over 10 years going round in circles trying to heal various chronic debilitating issues with my immune system. Since traveling to tropical islands and remote parts of the world I had some health issues that conventional medicine hadn't been able to accurately detect, treat or understand. Finding Juliet this year has been a blessing, she has a very kind, educated and scientific approach which put me at ease and the results i have experienced from the Bioresonance treatments speak for themselves.

The detailed testing received from Juliet initially was hugely helpful as it revealed all the issues going on within my body, I finally had answers and therefore I have been able to investigate and research the best way to treat the core issues. Bioresonance is the key, it has been incredible for me.

I have been pain-free for the first time in 4 years and together with Juliet we have a clear plan of action for my full healing now.

My immune system is balanced and strong, I can feel a healthy resistance now as opposed to spending day's and weeks in bed just a few months ago.

I have recommended Juliet to various friends and family and I will continue to do so.

CB March 2019

Meeting Juliet was like being handed a lifeline. I’m experiencing slow but steady improvement and have been holding on ever since.

RM February 2019

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