Lyme Disease Therapy

Lyme Disease Therapy

Natural Medicine Devon specialises in assisting with alleviation of Lyme Disease (Borreliosis); based on extensive documented experience and validated studies from mainland Europe, and additionally backed by feedback from visitors to the practice over 4 years. Natural Medicine Devon uses BICOM bioresonance and Bionic 880 and Transducer biophoton devices.

Tests for Lyme Disease

1. Serological (blood test, the only type available on the NHS) – however, pathogens are not always in the blood and are difficult to find once they are in the cells.
2. LTT test – available in Germany: It is more sensitive than the serological one, but it only identifies active Borreliosis agents, not decayed ones.
3. Energetic testing using biophysical methods plus pathogen information.

Note that a combination of tests is preferable.

BICOM Bioresonance machines uused in treating Lyme Disease
BICOM Bioresonance

Bioresonance uses frequency patterns or oscillations to assist the body to restore health.

Bionic 880 and Bionic Transducer Biophoton and the BICOM Bioresonance are certified medical devices in Germany. For user references related to the Bionic 880 and Bionic Transducer Biophoton see For user references related to BICOM Bioresonance see Since 1996, the H. Buschkuehl Ltd. company is engaged in the distribution of innovative medical and health equipment and products. The "flagship", which is the original of the photon therapy, the Bionic 880, was awarded with the (German) industry prize in 2008/2009 and in 2013 "Best of 2013".

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Bionic 880 and Bionic Transducer Biophoton
Bionic 880 and Bionic Transducer Biophoton

Based on the work of professor Popp, the Bionic devices are designed to send information via photons into the cells.

For validation of the methods please see, for example, results reproduced in the paper presented at the Int. Med. Ass. Congress on BICOM Bioresonance Therapy by Hans Brugemann, April 2006 entitled “Are there evidence-based studies on the efficacy of bioresonance therapy?”

Note:Use of Bionic 880 and Bionic Transducer Biophoton and the BICOM Bioresonance are not a substitute for your regular health care practitioner who should always be consulted about your condition.

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