Biophotons and Bioresonance

Biophotons and Bioresonance

Electromagnetic oscillation patterns are emitted by cells in the form of light particles or photons. This discovery is credited to Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp who called these “biophotons”. They are essential for cell metabolism: more than 10,000 biochemical reactions per second take place in an ordered and strictly hierarchical system.

The key to understanding the mystery of how the body’s cells find the information intended for them out of the billions of pieces of oscillatory information surrounding them is “resonance”: a concept familiar from music and acoustics for example or a mobile phone that finds the right person from millions of communications across the world. This can only work if the frequency patterns of the transmitter and receiver resonate exactly with one another.

Cells communicate with one another and with their environment by means of ultraweak signals, possibly at a strength of just a single photon! A cascade of biochemical metabolic processes is triggered when a cell’s receiver system resonates with the incoming information; this is the body’s natural bioresonance.

Thus, it may be said that micro-organisms and cell groups communicate without matter, since photons have no mass.

In the clinic of Dr med. Woitzel in Germany, it is claimed that they have successfully treated over 1000 patients within nine years, using biophoton and bioresonance technology. During a period of 3 years, 108 persons were treated under control in an observational study; the relapse rate amounts to less than 5%, not excluding cases of reinfection. This means that the patients are free from complaints and symptoms which are caused by Lyme disease. (Deutsche Borreliose-Gesellschaft e.V.: Diagnostics and Therapy of the Lyme, Borreliosis, (May 2008); Source: Laboratory Center Ettlingen-Karlsruhe (Germany), 07/2008).

Extracts taken from “Bioresonance – a new view of medicine; scientific principles and practical experience”, Jurgen Hennecke 2012; available from Amazon and other suppliers

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